Repost: In this sense, I hate to lose

 Yes, I am a loser in the sense that I always misplace and lose stuff.   Until recently, I hardly held on to a  credit nor debit card until the expiration date.   I try to hold off until I am sure it is lost now, finding things shortly after replacing them.    I replaced a credit card only to find the other one, but just as well because the other one was bent.  I have multiple driving licenses because I got replacements but found the other ones In a state like Arizona, where your 65th birthday is the initial expiration, this is not so bad. Having the spares helped me when subsequently lost one of the ones I had.It is still frustrating because retracing your steps takes time, and you may not be able to do it right away.  It is also frustrating when you have no idea where you could have left it. 

Now I can usually remember where I left an item . . However, I resent my dad's lack of faith in my ability to recall where I left something.   For example, We argued  over  a cheap charger, which I ultimately  found where I thought where it was 

He constantly does it with my debit card.  He gets frustrated when I tell him to calm down then look. He thinks I don't care when I am trying to give myself time to remember.  Ironically he ends up finding my credit or debit cards in the recesses of my car  He laughingly called the space between the seat and console the Bermuda triangle.  Sweet but frustrating vindication. 

 It is hard to find something when you are stress because that stress impairs your memory and ability to notice. they say seek, and you shall find. However, that is only true when you are calm and collected.

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