My impression and thoughts on Brian Littrell

quote from QuoteHD  taken
quote from QuoteHD taken

From the beginning  Brian  has been my favorite. His mostly  sweet goofy boy next door image appealed to more than the obligatory heartthrob  Nick  or AJ's bad boy image in the beginning.  To me he was the anti-AJ in the beginning He seemed the most like me in personality and outlook in life. He seemed like the guy  you would not mind taking home to your parents  In fact if I can find someone similar to him I'd feel lucky.   However, he is an enigma  to me.  He is famous but never craved it. He was ready to go into Christian ministry but chose to be part of a mainstream group instead.   The following is some of my impressions and thoughts about him based on what I have observed  and read about him publicly 

I imagine him as someone who has a love hate relationship with fame. He joined the group for the love of performing but doesn't necessarily the trappings of fame  although as someone in his position he sometimes has to participate in them. This is supported by a quote I found attributed to him that I posted above .  When he joined I don't he or anyone else group anticipated how big they were going to be or the level of madness that would ensue. If he did he may have stuck to his original plan of studying Christian music ministry 

I imagine this was a big adjustment for him .Unlike Nick he was not groomed for fame not did he have stage parents. He didn't  spend his childhood in show business the way AJ did. According to what I read he did perform widely until he was 16 encouraged by high school chorus teacher. And it wasn't much just singing a song or two at wedding to earn money for college. This is why to me he has always craved a sense of normalcy. Yes he is a member of one of the biggest groups in history but he doesn't always want to be seen that way as shown in this post by the fan blog  What Happens On The Backstreet.  5 Times Brian Littrell Proved He Has A Huge Heart – What Happens On The Backstreet (  
The catch 22 is that one of the more popular members he is in demand. However that fact he was not always happy to oblige upset some fans. They attacked him for being inactive on social media. In fact unlike his wife Leighanne  I don't think he has had personal social media accounts . I wish Brian was more visible but I am not going to be selfish about it. I see him and the rest of the group as people not products.  He probably  want to quit the first time because he felt used  especially by management  and overwhelmed with all the attention from fans.   With his heart problems in the beginning he had an excuse to not be on . I also hate when fans try to make him not.   They complain and make fun of him for not being  an overt  extroverted  sex symbol like AJ.  I will make one thing clear  Brian and AJ are two completely different people from different backgrounds If you prefer the sex symbol  then AJ is more your cup of tea.  
In times of controversy or difficulty  I see his private nature as a weakness. For example his inability to clarify his intentions and reason for joining Parler cost him fans and frustrated others like me who didn't want to see his career ruined over a social media platform. It also allowed rumors and assumptions to spread  unchecked.  This is puzzling to me since he was the one who tried to get Lou to renegotiate, initiated the suit when Lou refused and got the others involved despite the risk of losing everything if they lost the suit.

He also did with his voice problems.    In a way I understand  the fear of the reaction is sometimes  worse than reaction.  He probably could not  separate who he was personally  and as  singer. The singing was so much a part of  who was  for 18 years before the problem started.   This  was how the public saw him.  It was like being suddenly laid off  after working one job for many years   or being an athlete  with a career- ending injury . He should  have at least told the group if not the public at first.  Nick was right to call him out on it just not angrily. I imagine Brian was humbled at that moment    Seeing how the other have stepped in spontaneously to back him up when he struggled with voice  it  was ironic  that he waited so long to tell them.
.I also see family is important to him. Most of his more recent solo endeavors  have involved Leighanne and Baylee.  As his fans we have to come expect that he and the family is the package deal so much fan sites  are dedicated to all of them together     At Leighanne's insistence  Baylee  was never left behind  while he was tour This should give pause to working parents out there trying balance work and family  In The love and admiration he has for Baylee is papable   In a video  Q &A  he said Baylee  was the reason he stayed in the industry although he thought again he would leave after having him  In the same video he also said he'd like to be Baylee for a day.  He gave  him  the same sense of normalcy  that he wants for himself.  Seeing how  family  instability  combined with sudden fame at  a young age affected Nick, Baylee  will better off  this way. 

Living  in a world that demands constant attention is  not easy for anyone, but Brian has been living in it on his own terms.  I always admired him for that  The following  line from Carrie Underwood's  The Champion fits him perfectlyWhen they write my story/They gonna say that I did it for the glory/But don't think that I did it for the fame, yeah/ I did it for the love of the game, yeah


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