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  • Mon, 09:23: May I ask what God he exactly believes in if he is calling himself God? It seems he coopting Bibblical language but doesn't even remotely believe in the God therein. I point this out with the utmost love and concern for those who might fall for this
  • Mon, 10:17: If you want to make a point, don't just prooftext and run away. Show how they support your point. Historically w should have the event of Jesus' life correct, I don't consider it a damnable heresy . I always write arguments to the best of my ability
  • Mon, 10:18: I get the idea that the blogger is showing why we should question this thing with the same verses. However, he is not proving his ultimate argument on why the issue in question is wrong.
Tags: #ohtheirony, #verseoftheday, twitter

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