Why Drink Ice Coffee?

[The second post in a series leading up to National Coffee Day]The second post in a series leading up to National Coffee Day

Unfourntaely the video that I posted initially been to illustrate this was deleted. Therefore I will summarize the idea.  Supposedly,  cold coffee drinkers are looking to get more caffeine into their systems by drinking it cold. Hot coffee disciplines you because it is too hot to drink a lot at once.  Therefore, the caffeine enters your body gradually. 

It is more about keeping cool when it is hot for me, which is most of the time where I live.  Though it is easier to drink because it is more relaxed. If you are worried about too much caffeine, there is still decaf or half-caf. Since  I am not investing in an iced coffee machine for only part of the year, I only buy iced coffee out.  But  I may try making cold brew at home if I can find a way to make it.  In addition,   cold coffee seems only to be popular in America.  My  Hispanic friends from overseas never heard about it. 


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