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[Third in a series of posts leading up to National Coffee Day ]Third in a series of posts leading up to National Coffee Day 

The owner and visionPeixoto Coffee is the vision of  Julia Peixoto  Peters, a Brazilian native. She wanted to keep her father’s legacy alive and create a sustainable pay model for producers. Peixoto is one of the few shops that source and produces its own coffee, hence Crop to Cup.   She is the co-owner. You will occasionally see her at the Chandler, AZ shop. However, Peixoto is more than just a shop. They run the wholesale program in which they sell to other coffee shops and businesses.

Every  Brazilian winter Julia and head roaster  Spencer usually go to the farm to supervise the harvest and ship it to the US.  Most of the coffees come from the farm, but they sell coffee from other countries as well.  You can find bag coffees online at You can also find out and sign up for the wholesale program for those in the area, which serves shops throughout the Phoenix area.

Julia( above) and her husband Jeff are at the HQ, also in Chandler.  Jeff is the back-end manager.

Creative concoctions

Coconut flavored drinks are a summer staple. So far, it is the only recurring seasonal item. It is also available in a latte.  Both taste like candy.  

Julia brings a rotating seasonal menu. Except for coconut, no drink is ever repeated. Each one is developed by the team. You won’t find the usual beverages here. For example, spring 2019 brought a very blue pea powder latte. Samba Latte of Summer 2021 was a fruity take on espresso. This was followed by a similar drink with pineapple and coconut in the second summer 2021 menu. I tried both, and they are not as acidic as I thought. However, the fruit flavors are dominant. The smores Latte of the second summer 2021 menu was a less sweet take on mocha. However, I was surprised that marshmallow was not added to the drink itself given the name. My favorite one so far was the sage caramel of Winter 2020 and both coconut beverages. She put a spin on the traditional ones with Pumpkin Butter Latte of Fall 2020. The syrups are made in-house. If I am in the shop, you might see me guide you through the menu. I always try the seasonal ones that appeal to me. They also have a selection of non-coffee drinks such as tonic and teas. For Summer 2021, a coconut version of their matcha latte was introduced.

So good they did it twice because Phoenix summers are long and hot. The second seasonal menu for summer 2021eaturing once again the old standby coconut.

COVID  pivot  and charity

COVID affected most small businesses, and Peixoto was no different.  They quickly adopted a curbside model taking advantage of the alley right next to the shop.  Customers ordered online and pulled into the alley to receive their drinks.  The new model didn't curb enthusiasm as the alley was often full of customers waiting to get their drinks at times  when I went . Also, during COVID, the shop raised money to give coffee and pastries to frontline workers at different area hospitals.  In 2021, Juila sold a  fundraiser coffee to buy food for those who live in her hometown in the Brazilian state of Mina Gerais, where the farm is also located. The video is below.

Photo from the Chandler, AZ shop located at 11 W Boston St Suite 6  facing Arizona Avenue.  It was opened in 2015.  I became a regular customer in 2017.

The second location going up in Gilbert, AZ. I am excited not only for their growth but also for a bigger space.


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