My Coffee profile

 A biographical post leading up to National Coffee Day. 

.  If it is too bland, it is just brown-colored water. I also hate bitter but easily remedied by making sure you have to correct the ratio of grounds to water.

Favorite drinkware?   Reusable, especially in a shop. It is a simple way to save plastic and is more in line with how the world drinks coffee in shops.  Our to-go options would seem wasteful to them. Give how socially conscious Starbucks is, I am surprised that they never offered that in their shops. Instead, they ask you to bring it in or buy one from them before you get that option.

The new post-COVID iced beverage for here glass at Peixoto  Coffee.

Whole bean or pre-ground?  Pre-ground for convenience.  Why go through the extra step of grinding beans unless you are making a drink the requires the coffee to be ground a certain away. Speaking of which, the store brand is just as good.   I am not a snob about coffee as long as it tastes good to me. 

Black or not?  I always have to have it with some dairy, usually half and half or cream ..Lattes always taste better with whole milk.  I mean, Latte is the Italian word for milk.    So yes, barista whole dairy is ok.  If I want to skim, I will take a regular drip.

Favorite drink?  I like the Cinnamon Dolce from Starbucks because it not too sugary.  They only thing that would get to Starbucks often.   Speaking of  coffee drinks, here is a video  I made about one I never understood

TikTok by @nahmcam

Dream coffee-related trip and/or event would be a coffee tasting in Colombia or a journey through Colombian coffee country ( Eje cafetero in Spanish).   It would be a great way to immerse myself in the language while learning about something else I love. However, until I can get there, I will settle for a tasting a Press Coffee roasters, another independent shop in my area.   

Favorites shops  Well, as for independents, I mentioned one in another post.   But as for chains, I have become partial to Black Rock Coffee Bar.  I still like Dunkin. They are trying to compete more directly with Starbucks with similar drinks but without the pretension.  I go to Starbucks occasionally to get the aforementioned favorite drink.  

Caffeinated or Decaf, Both, but decaf can be a hit or miss in terms of taste.  It all depends on the decaffeination process.  In addition, you have to wait for it since it is such low demands shops and restaurants don't consistently brew it ahead of time.   I have heard of half-caff, but I have never gotten it.   Sanka does live up to its reputation as the worst-tasting decaf coffee to me. 

Most of the harmful effects come from caffeine, not the coffee itself.  You should be fine if you are not drinking a large pot a day.


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