Dominican slang to speak like the locals

[Keep in mind that some of these differ in meaning from other places. Slang especially is highly contextual and generational]Keep in mind that some of these differ in meaning from other places and even standard language. Slang especially is highly contextual and generational.  

Vaina- just means a thing, another word for "cosa." It is very characteristic of the informal Dominican language.

Chin Ojo! (careful)  in Dominican slang means little in amount,  a slang synonym for poco. It is not the euphemism for chingar as in Mexico

example: Un chin de agua,por favor 

speaking of which

Bobo is a problem (problema). According to my friend, it is not the word for dumb tonto, although Dominicans do understand that use.

Funda is just a plastic bag, not a small restaurant or even a phone case at not informally. 

Pariguayo is the word someone stupid or slow to understand. It is suspiciously paraguayo the demonym for Paraguay, but I doubt it comes from that.

Atronao:  crazy ( loco)  Dominicans like Cubans can speak fast and drop letters like hot. The d is often dropped from the present participle ending - ado mainly,  resulting in ao.  Tumbao, which was used in Celia Cruz's song title, is another example of this.  

Yola  is a small boat known as lancha is  standard Spanish

Thank you to my new Dominican Contact, Adolfo Adames, for the definition. 

Some of my favorite Spanish slang dictionaries

Asi Hablamos is the closest Spanish slang diction urban dictionary in format. 

Like an urban dictionary, Users contribute definitions. They are divided by country.

Jergas de habla hispana is little bit more academic. I found out about it on the now-defunct Spanishdict forums. The site, created by Mexican translation teacher  Roxana Fitch, has been around since 1997.  She recently redesigned it and modified the name slightly. You can even register now for the site and new bulletins.  However, you can still search by country or throughout the whole site. 

She published a print version of the dictionary and has an accompanying Facebook group listed on the site. In addition, she has done some video explainers of specific terms and expressions. 

You may not study slang, but these will help you find the meaning if you see slang terms. 


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