Anytime is Coffee time.

Yes, it is traditionally a morning beverage, but I enjoy it in the afternoon.  The plus, coffee shops are not too busy if you want to get it out and lounge. The caffeine in coffee is my legal drug of choice. While there are have harmful effects from too much caffeine,  intoxication is not one of them, as far I know.   Some are incommunicado before they have their coffee.    However, I drink for taste, not necessarily energy.  My body is so used to it doesn't always make a difference. Sleep and a sort of nap will help, according to something I read. 

 I learned the hard way through no caffeinated coffee after 6 pm, or it will keep me awake.  Having another caffeinated beverage like soda right before or after later in the day will definitely keep me up later.  Cold-brew sometimes had the same effect. That's probably most shops only offer it in small sizes.  Coffee floats are a lower-sugar alternative to traditional soda floats.  The affogato is the smaller and original version of espresso poured on the ice cream in a shot glass. Affogato, the  Italian word for drowned, describes what happens to the ice cream when the espresso is poured on top. The ice cream melted into the coffee makes it frothy without milk and easier to drink.  Therefore, don't worry too much about it melting, especially from hot espresso.  

I don't even know how I came to like it since I hated it as a kid.  I just started drinking it in 2008.  I guess my tastes matured with age, or I finally had some great-tasting coffee.  A coffee shop crawl would be my preferred local event. I have been to a latte art contest.  


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