Fan Bio(Updated with more detail)

 I was part of the original frenzy in the 90/the early 2000s.  Even though younger fans prove their relevance, there will always be things that older fans like myself remember. Politics didn't matter at all in those simpler times.  The Pop/R & B mix appealed to me more since I started to like these genres as I got older. I read and watch everything I could about them. The closest I came to seeing them live was watching a TV special while vacationing in Florida in 1998. I bought a shirt but got rid of it after being teased about it. Since there weren't many organized fan events, you had to be lucky to attend one or chase them down to see them.   earliest fan sites looked primitive.  Before social media, American and International fans knew nothing of each other. The only legal way to own the music was to buy physical albums and singles.  I eagerly awaited the release of Millennium  hoping it would include Who Do You Love  after they teased  the song on TV

As an American fan, everything seemed out of sync to me during the debut era.  The only single released simultaneously from Backstreet's Back and the US Debut was As Long As You Love Me. Everybody was added to the US debut later and made the third US single which was a sensible decision.  The US debut was a good combination of the first two international albums, especially for that market. Thanks to Youtube, American fans are beginning to discover songs that were initially only released internationally. I thought "Roll with it" should have been included instead of "If you want it to be good,  girl". The message would have resonated with a lot in their young audience at the time. It even resonates with me now as an adult looking at past and present struggles. It was also the first of their underappreciated inspirational songs that were a nice break from the regular material.

 After my tastes changed again in 2001, I stopped listening to them, except for two songs I liked. I bought Brian's solo album because I remembered him. Now I have come back out of curiosity after seeing the 2019 Via del Mar concert.  The fact that they have lasted amazes me.  If the boy stigma did not haunt them, more American music fans and critics would have appreciated their longevity. 


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