Thoughts as Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson Turns 50

Wow, I can't believe a Backstreet Boy member can already be considered older. Kevin Richardson is not 50. He is 20 with 30 years of experience. So take note, Howie and Brian, because you're next. 

Can a boy band member be eligible for AARP? (Over 50 organizations for those of you outside of the US)  A performance at an AARP event might be better than just an invitation to join. Maybe it could be an instrumental performance that I have wanted so much.  After all,  some of the original fans are headed in that direction anyway. 

I agree with Brian that it is time to let them grow up musically. They are the Backstreet Boys, not Peter Pan and The Lost Boys. They had an album called Never Gone,  not Neverland. However, their Peter Pan attitudes will never grow old. ( pun intended)

It seems weird to still call them boys at their age. However, some other older bands still use the term boys in their names.   Thus, from a marketing standpoint, it may not matter, especially at their age, in which being considered young is a compliment. Unfortunately, they were mistaken for Blackstreet, whose name sounds too much like Backstreet by itself. 

Although young fans usually relate better to the Backstreet Boys in their younger days, this doesn't change that they are getting older. They are better off now than were in the past since they have total artistic and personal control. Their looks may be different, but they still look good. We need to normalize the idea that you can still look great no matter your age. The West is too preoccupied with youthful appearances especially. 

Instead of a boy band, I propose calling them a guy group. It sounds more mature but retains the same spirit. If a similar group lasts as long as the Backstreet Boys, it might catch on. Alternatively, they can be just a male vocal group. This is similar to what they wanted to be known as.  What do you think? 

 Since they faced breakup rumors before, retirement rumors will surely follow.  Will they be the energizer bunnies of music?  This video certainly thinks so. I love how they can make fun of themselves, even mostly serious Kevin. They already proved they still had it going on after all of these years, and they'd always be back.   They have nothing else to prove, especially to their fans.     It is time for them to get wider recognition with a lifetime achievement award or that elusive  Grammy. 

The adage older and wiser probably now fit them with everything they went through. For example, in an interview with VH1, everything they went through with Lou Pearlman taught them to be careful about who they let into their professional network.  Had they gained that wisdom earlier, they might have saved themselves much heartache. 


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