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  • Tue, 08:17: Sounds eerily like word of faith. Who got it from whom?
  • Tue, 08:21: Remember the early church has ot problems just take a look at some Paul's rebukes. Don't idolize it.
  • Tue, 08:22: RT @MattSmethurst: The Devil is more likely to dull your affections over a decade than to destroy your soul in a day.
  • Tue, 08:26: But we do contribute to our growth.
  • Tue, 08:55: Before concluding that oppressive feeling was demonic rule out the following medical condition Sleep apnea Sleep paralysis These mimic opressdjve feeling like being unable to get up when in bed and breathing difficulties Satan rarely attacks like this
  • Tue, 10:30: Hermeneutics is modern You are talking exegesis or discovering the original meaning . The first is based on the second get your terms straight otherwise you're great.
  • Tue, 10:47: Washer is strong mecidine for this unaccustomed. And that is what this guy doesn't like
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