You have the write stuff

 Many people want to write but doubt themselves. I say start writing for yourself in a paper or online journal like this one.  Seasoned writers need editors and proofreaders too. It is ideal if you are shy or not too spontaneous because you can rework it as much as necessary.   I wanted to be a professional writer before. Now I enjoy writing for pleasure because it is more relaxed. It is easier to overcome writer's block when you have the time to revisit the idea. Some of my favorite blogs are passion projects. 

 After experimenting with different writing types, I found journaling and blogging to be my niche. I hardly wrote in this current journal until the end of 2020.  Various topics have inspired me so far, mostly the Backstreet Boys. I also did a lot of writing to practice foreign languages exclusively for a while. 

 Be prepared for inspiration, or you might lose it forever.   Reading will not help you see great writing examples but will serve as inspiration also.  You can add your perspective to an existing topic.  Few people have brand new ideas anyway. Don't worry about having an audience for now.  The fear of criticism will stop you before you start.  if do not you don't write now, then when? 

Here is an entry from, one of my favorite Backstreet Boys blogs, reflecting on writing. May you find inspiration here to start your own writing project

Getting Back into Fiction Writing and What Inspires Us to Write -

i_fondue  do it for you. 


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