Oh, Brothers!- My thoughts on the Carter Bros Rivalry.

Nick and Aaron Carter's feud is a typical sibling rivalry writ large. The hallmarks of jealousy, resentment, and fatal favoritism are there for all to see. In my father's case, I have also seen a similar dynamic of bias. He was hurt when my grandfather favored my problematic uncle over him. My grandfather continued to support my uncle as he denied the real cause of my uncle's problem.

Jane's support of Aaron's narcissistic delusions is enabling him. . Ideally, she'd try to get Aaron some help if she had his best interests at heart. As long as he's caught in those delusions, there is no bottom for him to hit.  Since the situation is as toxic as a radioactive waste dump, Nick cannot interact with him.  Therefore, Aaron needs to read Nick's book with an open mind and learn from his mistakes. Otherwise, he will meet the same fate as his sister Leslie eventually. His emotions are affecting him just as much as his drug addiction did.  According to what I heard, narcissism and drug abuse often are symbiotic.  Unfortunately, curing one doesn't fix the other. 

 The attacks reduced his wife Lauren to tears in a scene from the second reality show I Heart Nick Carter. Nick looked embarrassed and ashamed, as if he regretted pulling Lauren into this.  To draw Nick and the rest of the group into the argument, Aaron attacks Nick's groupmates. He conveniently forgets about all the support that Nick and the group gave him over the years. For example, Nick and the group attended Dancing with the Stars to support Aaron in 2009. In a  post-episode interview, they had only positive words for him. 

Aaron also makes baseless accusations against Nick and the rest of his siblings. For example, Aaron accused Nick of hindering his career because he did not let him sign with Lou Pearlman when Pearlman molested him. If this was true, it was probably for Aaron's protection. It also shocks me that Jane was more concerned about Aaron's career than Nick's well-being.   A lot of them are so shocking and outrageous that a slander suit should be considered. I mean, Aaron always brag about who he's going to take people to court.

 I see Aaron with more compassionate eyes now because his behavior is a big cry for help, and I cannot stop it.  His so-called fans that need to hear the truth will continue to support him by attacking those who speak out against him. His hostile behavior will continue as long as he receives any kind of attention. All of this is probably hurtful and disappointing to Nick inwardly.

Here's a good video that juxtaposes the lies with the truth and has some professional analysis.  I referenced some of the clips compiled here.


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