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Cat-tent Spotlight #16 Purrapeutic

It is not surprising that if a purr helps heal the cat, it can heal us.  Unlike dogs, cats are relatively calm, making them perfect therapy animals for sensory-sensitive people.  That potential should be explored, considering that behavior modification training is possible with cats. That calmness is also a perfect stress reliever.  I often find it stressful trying to be assertive with dogs who won't leave me alone.  Since I am not the owner, they tend to ignore my authority. I don't want to be too tough and hurt them.   I guess a cat can help reduce stress-related heart atta. Finally, cats are trying to keep themselves warm, usually when they sleep with us.  Although their body temperatures are higher, they still can lose heat.

Cat-tent Spotlight #15: Vocal cat-mmunication

While cats have reserved the meow as their lingua franca with humans, they can make over 99 other vocalizations for each other mostly.   The following video is an example of one of those other vocalizations.  While the meaning of the meow is universal cats use other sounds differently depending on their development. So getting to know your cat's dialect is essential.

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Cat-tent Spotlight #14 Cat-laxing.

What do you do on a  Caturday?  You cat-lax. Cats are the masters of chill in any place or position.   Their quiet nature makes them perfect relaxation companions.  If there was a real Catflix geared towards cats, what would be on it?   Maybe plenty of birds. My second cat, Misty, would bump her head on the window when she heard birds.  My mom was afraid that she would hurt herself. If she was strong enough, she might have broken the window. I don't know how she coped with hearing babies under the air-conditioner.  

Cat-tent Spotlight #13 Pusheen Purrr-file.

Claire Belton created Pusheen in 2010. She introduced the character in the book I am Pusheen the Cat.    The name comes from the Irish Gaelic word for either cat or kitten.  I forget which one.  It grew into a Tumblr, which recently became an independent website  Pusheen.com. The site hosts its own merchandise shop, The Pusheen shop.  You can get a separate seasonal subscription box, the Pusheen Box, with varied Pusheen items if you can't choose which merch to get. You can also find Pusheen drawings on Facebook and animated versions on Youtube. 

I learned about Pusheen through the Facebook stickers, which are standard on both desktop chat and the Messenger app. . To say that I became an instant fan would be an understatement.   I have the purse, which is perfect if you don't carry a lot of stuff.  I have also bought 2018, 2020, and 2021 calendars so far. My dad always gets a kick out of the illustrations, calling them clever. Other characters include fellow cats Stormy and Pip, The Sloth,  Cheeks the hamster, and Bo the Parakeet.     You will find her "birthdate of  February 18 commemorated on each year's calendar and in previous drawings.  

Find more drawings like this one the website or Facebook
Find more drawings like this one the website or Facebook

What is TNR?

TNR  stands for trap neuter return.  It is a humane feline population control method. It consists of trapping and sterilizing the homeless cat and then returning it to the street.   This avoids the disruption and overcrowding of shelters caused by trying to rehome the cats.  They are still where they are the most comfortable.   Ferals especially are hard to socialize  because they have never had human contact, to begin with

.  Despite its benefits, it is not a quick fix. Trapping the cats is hard work, especially when they start to evade the traps.  It only reduces the future population, not the current one.  Another challenge is finding vets to do the sterilizations.   To keep track of which ones have been sterilized, one ear is clipped.  This is not the same as cropping ears, which some consider inhumane. It is for record-keeping and not merely cosmetic.  

TikTok by @nahmcam

Cat-tent Spotlight #11 Rats out!

Another example of the simbotic relationship that kicked off cat domestication. If violence wasnt enough Chicago is rat infested as well. One shelter decided to make use of the feral cat population to get rid of the infestation Imagine being so powerful your scent scares off rats. I dont know where the rats go but they must leave the area. A win win for humans and cats. The rats are gone the cats are saved In addition there are no harmful chemicals involved.

Cat-tent Spotlight #8. If cats were on social media

If cats were actually on social media they probably still ignore us or order usaround and marvel at the amount of cat stuff on the internet .  Come to think of it,  that  might inflate their egos. However they would be good at saying how they feel. Dislike would be hisses. The angry emoji  would be a cat with an arched back and puffed up tail   Dislike would be hisses. The angry emoji  would be a cat with an arched back and puffed up tail If a cat doesnt like you they will tell you directly no pussyfooting around.  Photos would be of them sleeping  and around the house.